The Man Edison Couldn’t Keep Up With

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I am a Tesla fan, and have been ever since I saw the Prestige (2006). I’m not saying that I get my history lessons from movies, what I am saying is that it can take a movie to get me interested in history. Not long after seeing that movie did I peruse iBooks on my iPhone to find a short biography of Nikola Tesla. In it I discovered the atrocities that Thomas Edison and J.P. Morgan threw on this brilliant scientist. But I am not here to protest the treatment of Tesla, but to discuss the other stuff that I read about him. Namely, his inventions and concepts.

In that same biography I learned about the already well known Tesla Coil. But did you know that Tesla was the first person to produce a fully electric car? Or what about this: toward the end of his life, Tesla had made a working prototype of a FLYING CAR! Well, it was just a box the size of a dishwasher, but still. It used no wings, no propellers, and no jet engines, and caressed the air as it moved freely about, ever as agile as a butterfly. He did a live demonstration in front of several people (whose names escape me at the moment), who were all marveled at the dream, but were more baffled at the idea than impressed.

As an aside, did you know that, while Elmo Marconi is credited to having invented the radio, it was actually Tesla’s invention? You’d be surprised at how many things we now consider commonplace today, that were said to have been invented by Edison or other people when they were actually conceived of, and invented by Tesla. The only reason he lost any grip on his inventions is that when he was found dead in his home by the landlord, the landlord went to get call the doctor. Not long after the doctors reported Tesla deceased, a small army of men, whose affiliations are still a mystery today, entered his home and boxed up all of Tesla’s diagrams, notes, and lab equipment. Some say it was the government who wanted to get a hold on Tesla’s diagrams and specs for what was dubbed the Death Ray.

Tesla also had a working prototype of free home electricity, and it wasn’t solar panels. He built a tower that pulled electrical charge from the ionosphere, and shot it into the ground. All you needed to do was drive a copper rod into the ground and connect it to your home wiring. One tower could power a whole neighborhood. I am baffled at the lack of implementation on these concepts! Why are we not funding this?!

Just wanted to spit this out. Not very many people know about this. And they should!

The Man Edison Couldn’t Keep Up With

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