Sports v eSports (on TV)

You know how the NFL, MLB, and NBA get limited commercial interruptions? Why can’t we do that with eSports on TV? I watched what I thought was going to be a full MKX tournament on TBS (may have been USA) last year, and at best it was just a clip show of highlights of what I had already seen on stream. Felt more like a documentary than a sporting event. (The “WTF” is implied here.)

Given, Major League Sports combine for a multi-billion dollar industry every year. But, eSports in quickly catching up. How many million dollar LoL tournaments have their been? SFV is currently in it’s second day of ELEAGUE’s $250,000 invitational. Last year, Capcom Cup had over a $300,000 prize pool. Even Rocket League is up there with all of those. ELEAGUE’s SFV event is supposed to be simulcasted on Twitch and TBS this Friday. I don’t know how it’s going to turn out, but we will see. I have high hopes, but fear disappointment at the same time.

My question is how long will it take for eSports to be recognized — and respected — as an actual sport medium? Should there be a dedicated channel for competitive eSports? Could be called ESN (Electronic Sports Network) or something. Or maybe ELEAGUE could drum up enough cash to have their own dedicated channel? It’d be a prime place for advertising games, electronics, and collectibles. I’d pay an extra monthly fee to my cable provider in order to get that channel. I’d also like to see sports bars show eSports on their TVs. If I could have a beer and pub food with my friends while watching the Overwatch World Cup, I’d be a much happier man.

Sports v eSports (on TV)

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