UPDATE (6/30/2017): In addition to this being real, Arika will be demoing this game at EVO2017. This will be my first EVO this year, and am excited to demo this and all the other games.

UPDATE (4/3/2017): This is real. Arika is presently calling this Fighting EX Layer. They did a live stream demonstration with Kazunoko (a prominent Japanese Street Fighter player). Apparently they are looking into crowdfunding this project. Unfortunately, I think this means that we won’t be getting Kairi or Skullomania in SFV. ::sad face::

Given it’s April 1st (April Fool’s Day) in Japan right now, but I can’t help but wonder. Arika has been off the Street Fighter map for years. They had a 3DS project going back in 2011, but it was ultimately scrapped. There are two situations I can see here:

  1. Arika is in fact pulling our legs. It would be easy to take old character animations and apply them to modern looking character models that were previously archived. The stages seem like they were stolen from other games. And the sounds and music were ripped straight from the old EX series.
  2. Arika is testing the public reaction for potentially developing Street Fighter EX 4. While it could be relatively easy for a developer like this to mock us with such thuggery, it just looks a little too graphically developed to be a prank.

I only played one of the EX titles: Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha. And if I’m being totally honest, I loved the characters, but hated the the look of the character animations. I’m mean seriously! The character animations were terrible! They did not look cool at all. Their variation of the Tatsumaki was clunky and uncouth. Every character’s recovery animations looked as if they suffered from resting slouching shoulders syndrome.

Arika may have an idea in the minds that they might be able to steal away those fans that are disappointed with SFV, but still want their fix. That might be a viable plan, but I don’t think Arika should be the one to do it.

What I want is for Kairi and Skullomania to be incorporated into Street Fighter V. I would be fine without an EX 4.


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