RANT | AutoDraw is AntiCreativity

Google AutoDraw

I understand the human dynamic in the difficulty of developing this, but this is just wrong. That might be a strong term to use, but hear me out: the current idea behind technological innovation has strayed from it’s original purpose. That purpose being to benefit and serve mankind.

In it’s current state, technology is now being treated as a means to think less and do less (read: lazy). The problem with this is that if you fast forward in time, eventually you have people who have no idea how to innovate further because they rely on technology too much. Hence, making the creator subservient to the creation. (This is why I am apprehensive about the development of artificial intelligence.)

Though there are people who are trying to achieve computed sentience, it will never be an adequate replacement for the human mind. With Google’s AutoDraw, there is absolutely zero skill involved. You draw a blob, click a button, you’ve got a flower. Part of the beauty of great art is that you know that it took a great deal of skill to execute. Not to mention the imagination needed to even conceive of the design.

I concede to the fact that AutoDraw in particular may have beneficial humanitarian applications. But you know that’s not what it’s being marketed for. They’re making this so Social Media Sally can scribble on the screen of her phone and pepper hearts and flowers on her selfie. She doesn’t have to even try! She could draw what looks like a butt and you would never know. If she put even five minutes into learning how to draw, she wouldn’t need this! But our society has become so lazy and aloof that an international company like Google sees a market for it. And that is what upsets me.

I would never let my son use this. Period. It would only stifle his imagination and sense of wonder. Not to mention, it’s things like this that rob us of the sense of achievement after working so hard! I will not have that for my son! I love him too much to do that to him.

RANT | AutoDraw is AntiCreativity

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