To V or Not To V?

So many people are freaking out about Street Fighter V, saying that it should never have launched, it’s unfinished, the netcode/network is terrible, or “Input lag! WHY!?” I understand that it’s not USF4, but games and game developers will always have issues. And players will always have issues with the games they play, even if the game is near perfect.

I trust that — given time — SFV will get much better. You have to consider that Capcom is under a lot of pressure to maintain this legendary franchise’s reputation, whilst meeting the demands of their other IPs (MVC:I included). If you really love these games, you’ll be patient and throw them a sack of bones.

Not to mention, as of this writing, Capcom has just announced that they will be beta testing CFN changes, as well as the upcoming April balance changes on PC. You naysayers out there are going to have a lot less to complain about. Decreased loading times for online Ranked and Casual, Training Mode settings will now be saved, and you can add friends and follow them directly in game. Here’s the blog post announcing the beta test.

The fact that they are beta testing these changes, it’s huge! This has been something players have been complaining about since it’s release, and it’s finally happening! There’s no better time to jump in to this game than now. If you ever thought that Capcom wasn’t listening, we now have proof that they have — in fact — been listening.

Additionally, if you care about the FGC, you’ll support SFV. Not simply because SFV is a fighting game, but because it has more of the public’s attention than all the previous iterations combined. If you’re a lover of Street Fighter like me, and you want to see this franchise grow, you’ll buy it and play it. And here’s why: even if you don’t like/care for SFV, you’re investing in Street Fighter 6. Do you want them to keep making these games? They need money to do that. So be a Doll, and pick it up. 😉

To V or Not To V?